Find Out How Much Your Leaky Faucet is Costing You

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How Much Is Your Leaky Faucet Costing You?

The United States Geological Survey has a comprehensive drip calculator designed to give you an estimate of how much water you are wasting annually due to plumbing leaks. So:

  • One gallon = 15,140 drips
  • One liter = 4,000 drips

Say you have a relatively slow-dripping faucet – a typical rate of 10 drips per minute – then you’re wasting three liters of water per day. That is 90 liters per month, or 347 gallons of water each year.

Now, a faster drip is, say, 21 liters of water each day. That amount wasted adds up to about 2,082 gallons of water each year. Or, 5 gallons every single day. That is a lot of water being wasted. That amount only takes into consideration a leaking faucet. What about a leaking shower head or pipe? You could be wasting thousands of gallons of water every year.

So, we’ve explored how many gallons per year you’re losing due to a simple leaking faucet. Now, let’s break it down into terms of dollar and cents. This is your money, after all. You’ve got a lot to lose from a leaky faucet.

On average, a leaking faucet will cost around $20 per month. Now, that does not seem like much in the overall scheme of things. However, it can quickly add up. If you have more than one leak, that cost is going to double, triple, and even quadruple. For example, a small crack or pinhole-sized leak in your plumbing pipe can cost upwards of $600 per month. A leaky toilet, another common example, is around $150 per month on average. As you can see, the total wasted each month appears worse when you look at the dollar amount than just the gallons of water per month.


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